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* Acupuncture in gynaecology: Trying to conceive and IVF

Most women seek acupuncture while having IVF, following failed IVF attempts or after hearing research* suggests acupuncture helps enhance chances of IVF success.

Patients who seek acupuncture just before or during IVF are treated following the IVF protocol. In short, when the patient is at the ovary stimulation stage, acupuncture is administered to enhance follicular growth. After transfer, to enhance chances of implantation, etc. This work is carried very close to the IVF procedure, with the bonus of relaxing the mind.

If however, the patient is trying to conceive but is not currently undergoing IVF, a treatment plan following the menstrual cycle can be developed to help patient regain hormonal balance and optimise their chances of natural or assisted conception.

*Please visit BAcC for latest on research in acupuncture or contact me to further discussion.