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* Acupuncture in gynaecology: Menstrual cycles

Most women at some stage in their lives will suffer from some sort of PMT (pre menstrual tension), pain before or during menstruation, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, spots, binge eating, etc. This affects their personal as well as work life. Some feel they cannot function for a few days, and most feel physically and mentally affected by hormonal changes.

Those who will seek acupuncture often do so because they are tired of taking painkiller, contraceptive pill, worried about their physical and mental health, fertility or are trying to conceive.

In my experience (including personal experience as a patient) most patients will start feeling positive changes after the first treatment. However, due to the complexity of hormonal changes involving the whole cycle (menstruation, development of lining of the womb, ovulation, fecundation and implantation/or not, pregnancy or menstruation), most acupuncturists will want to treat a patient weekly for 3 menstrual cycles.  It is important to review the patient’s goals, and after three months, a new treatment plan will be agreed. Some patients will then be seen every fortnight, monthly or bimonthly. However some will carry on with a weekly treatment plan.  

Acupuncturists might recommend diet and lifestyle changes to facilitate health improvements. I like to ask my patients to fill in a BBT (basal body temperature) chart. It is easy to find a chart on the internet, however I have designed my own with further questions that will bring patient awareness or might be of interest to me and to a gynaecologist, should the patient be referred for fertility and or further treatment. BBT is used by western medicine for diagnosing hormonal imbalance. If you are not yet sure that acupuncture is for you, you can still start a chart that later can be shown to your doctor or acupuncturist.

Feel free to contact me and I will happily send you my chart.