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* Acupuncture for Pain Relief: root canal

Having to undergo a root canal treatment my dentist and I agreed to atempt the procedure without any pain relief other than acupuncture.
So that I could relax, I had Verity Barltrop, a friend acupuncturist, treat me on site.
I was a bit aprehensive and expecting it to hurt but Dr Leyla Gomez, the dentist, thought I was a very relaxed patient.
At times I felt a tiny bit of pain, but it wasn't unconfortable. In fact it was the same sensation as when I had anaesthetic in the past.
After the procedure I felt great, and I went for cake and ice tea with the acupuncturist.
For 2 days I felt bruised in the area, but no pain. Three days later, I feel absolutely normal.
A few photos of the team in action, and me smiling all the way through.