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* Acupuncture for Pain Relief: dental filling

This patient is very sensitive to pain and usually needs several shots of anaesthetic before work can be done to her teeth. She had never had acupuncture in the past. She felt scared but was happy to give it a try.

Her tooth was sensitive to bite as well as cold. She had a filling (dental restoration) work done by her dentist, dr Leyla Gomez. Most adults will have had one in the past and know how painful and uncomfortable this can be.

During this treatment patient felt relaxed and almost fell asleep. No anaesthetic was used.

Acupuncture including electro acupuncture stimulation was used to promote relaxation as well as pain relief.  

One video was taken by the acupuncturist during the treatment, while electro acupuncture machine was switched on, and the second video was recorded shortly after dental treatment was concluded. She still had some needles on.



*Released with patients permission.


YouTube Video

YouTube Video