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Acupuncture - best for IVF

posted 12 May 2012, 10:05 by Andrea AnJia   [ updated 12 May 2012, 10:08 ]
This article was originally published at the Natural Health magazine - UK. I often get interviewed by them or get asked to write some pieces. I quite like this one actually, as it is a subject I am rather passionate about. I work closely with midwifes and consultants from Guys and St Thomas as well as UCL, Kings, Lister and Portland hospitals.

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What could be more rewarding than helping couples conceive? If the thought makes you go all gooey inside, you may want to train in acupuncture. “Patients who seek acupuncture just before or during IVF are treated following the IVF protocol”, explains Andrea Steinlechner, Harley Street Acupuncturist.

“When the patient is at the ovary stimulation stage, acupuncture is used to enhance follicular growth. This work is carried out very closely to the IVF procedure, with the bonus of relaxing the mind”, she adds. “If the patient is trying to conceive but is not currently undergoing IVF, a treatment plan following their menstrual cycle can be developed to help patient regain hormonal balance and optimise their chances of natural or assisted conception”.

It is vital to address the patient holistically, adds Andrea. “I will want to know full details of patients’ and their families’ health history. Only then I will understand the pathology and offer a treatment. Everyone is different, I’ve had patients conceiving naturally in one month but others not conceiving after six”.