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Natural Health - Article on Acupuncture and IVF
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Medical research article on acupuncture and Moxa (moxibustion) to treat Breech Pregnancy
published by
Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM)

Article featuring Acupuncture and Hair Loss
Published by Natural Health Magazine

Article published by Aviva - Featuring complementary medicine and winter blues,
depression and mood swings

Australian article on acupuncture and de-stress and detox. How to Feel more relaxed
and less anxiety with the help of complementary therapies

Blog featuring complementary therapies to help stress and aiding breathing.
by Jenny Richards

Blog on stress, anxiety, winter blues and hair loss.
by Liam Anderson

Portal O Guia da Cidade - Brazilian website features both my video interview
On Acupuncture for dental anaesthesia - acupuncture for pain relief